Christopher Wray

The FBI’s Politicization Under Christopher Wray

American Thinker / Victoria Toensing

The FBI’s politicization under Christopher Wray.

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Trump, Putin

“Trump Is The One U.S. Leader Putin Fears”

The Federalist / Rebekah Koffler

“Trump is the one U.S. leader Putin fears.”

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Nashville Shooting

CBS Refuses To Acknowledge The Nashville Shooter Was Transgender

Fox News / Joseph A. Wulfsohn

CBS refuses to acknowledge the Nashville shooter was transgender.

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Stymied, Frustrated, Mayorkas Wants To Ban ‘Em, Typically, Can’t Define ‘Em

Daily Caller / Jennie Taer

Stymied, frustrated, Mayorkas wants to ban ’em, typically, can’t define ’em.

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NC Drag Show

NC Community College Drag Show Gets Out Of Hand

New York Post / Natalie O'Neill

NC community college drag show gets out of hand.

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Mandalay Bay

New FBI Documents Show Mandalay Bay Mass Shooter Was Mad At Casinos

AP News / Yamat/Ritter

New FBI documents show Mandalay Bay mass shooter was mad at casinos.

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Just The News

The CDC Can’t Get Basics Facts Straight

Just The News / Greg Piper

The CDC can’t get basic facts straight.

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Victor Davis Hanson

Who “Owns” Or Controlls The American Universitys, And Of Those Saying They Are In Charge, Who Actually Empowered Them To Be?

American Greatness / Victor Davis Hanson

Who “owns” the American universities, and of those saying they are in charge, who actually empowered them to be?

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Taiibi, Jordan

So, If You Are A Journalist Given Access To The Twitter Files, OF COURSE Biden’s I.R.S. Will Stop By Your House To Chat About A four Year old Tax Return, Unannounced.

WSJ / Editorial Board

So, if you are a journalist given access to the Twitter files, OF COURSE Biden’s I.R.S. will need to stop by your house to personally chat about your four year old tax return, unnanounced.

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Titter, Elon Musk Office

Musk Reminds Staff That Coming In To Work Is “Not Optional”

Fox Business / Chris Pandolfo

Musk reminds staff that coming in to work is “not optional.”

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Red State

Idaho Says No To Trans Students In Non-Biological Sex Bathrooms

Red State / Ben Kew

Idaho says no to trans students in non-biological sex bathrooms.

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James O'Keefe

Does James O’Keefe Have Moles Inside Bragg’s “Get Trump” Office??

Gateway Pundit / Cristina Laila

Does James O’Keefe have moles inside Bragg’s “Get Trump” office?

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Oxford Scientist: “Wind Power Fails On Every Count”

Daily Sceptic / Chris Morrison

Oxford scientist: Wind power fails on every count.

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Hunter Biden

Two Sets Of Justice In America, One For Us, And Another For Wayward Presidential Sons

Fox News / Adam Shaw

Two sets of justice in America, one for us, and another for wayward Presidential sons.

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Jonathan Welch

Detroit Democrat Prosecutor Lets Murderer Out, And He Murders Three More Victims

Fox News / Louis Casiano

Detroit Democrat prosecutor let murderer out, and he murders three more victims. How many times have you seen this headline before?

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Sgt Shultz

Liars Are Going To Lie, But Biden Doesn’t Stop Even When He Is Caught!

Jonathan Turley / Jonathan Turley

Liars are going to lie, but Biden doesn’t stop even when he is caught!

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Linfield University

In An Oregon University, You Must Be Recognized Based On Your Color, Sexual Orientation, Or Other Group Membership, Not Scholarship

The Post Millennial / Ari Hoffman

In an Oregon university, you must be recognized based on your color,  sexual orientation, or other group membership, not scholarship

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Real Clear Politics

Democrats Turned The Twitter Files Hearing Into A Disgusting, Lying Clown Circus

Real Clear Politics / Ian Schwartz

Democrats turned the Twitter files hearing into a disgusting, lying clown circus.

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Is There A More Putrid Scum Than Dishonest Politicians?

The Hill / Jonathan Turley

Is there a more putrid scum than a dishonest politician?

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Jan 6th

Now The Media Wants To Forget About The Massive Democrat Jan 6th Lies

Issues & Insights / Editorial Board

Now the media wants to forget about the massive Democrat Jan 6th lies.

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American Thinker

Barack Obama’s Unfair, Destructive, Demonization Of Whites Has Set Race Relations Back Decades

American Thinker / Steve McCann

Barack Obama’s unfair, destructive, demonization of Whites has set American race relations back decades.

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Jan 6th Hearings Farce

Democrat Jan 6th Committee Chair Now Claims He Never Saw The Jan 6th Videos

Townhall / Matt vespa

Democrat Jan 6th Committee Chair now claims he never saw the Jan 6th videos.

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Stop Punishing Bad Behavior, Get More Bad Behavior

Real Clear Politics / Victor Davis hanson

Stop punishing bad behavior, get more bad behavior.

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January 6th riot

The Biden Govt. Is Holding January 6th Arrestees As Political Prisoners Based On Proven Lies

New York Post / Miranda Devine

The Biden govt. is holding January 6th arrestees as political prisoners based on proven lies.

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John Hess

Hess Oil CEO Points Out The Left’s Idiocy Of Thinking We Can Function Without Fossil Fuels

Newsbusters / Joseph Vazquez

Hess Oil CEO points out the Left’s idiocy of thinking we can function without fossil fuels.

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Mar-A-Lago Raid

FBI Agents Did Not Want To Raid Mar-A-Lago

Red State / Bob Hoge

FBI agents did not want to raid Mar-A-Lago.

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Jake Sullivan

W.H. Still Delaying Admitting Report On Wuhan Lab Leak, Apparently Still Hoping It Will Go Away

Townhall / Sarah Arnold

W.H. still delaying admitting report on Wuhan Lab leak, apparently still hoping it will go away.

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American Thinker

Can We Stop Ballot Fraud When So Many Politicians Are All In On It?

American Thinker / Jay Valentine

Can we stop ballot fraud when so many politicians are all in on it?

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Student Loan Forgiveness To Be Heard Tomorrow At The Supreme Court

Issues & Insights / Kruckenberg/Schroeder

Student loan forgiveness to be heard tomorrow at the Supreme Court.

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Christopher Wray

America Is Being Saved From The FBI’s Rotten, Stinking Core, By Honest Agents

New York Post / Miranda Devine

America is being saved from the FBI’s rotten, stinking core, by honest agents.

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Wuhan Lab

A Perfect Example Of Govt. And Media Covering Up The Truth To Protect Politicians, At The Expense Of Americans’ Health

New York Post / Jonathan Turley

A perfect example of govt. and media covering up the truth to protect politicians, at the expense of Americans’ health.

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Arizona Elections

How Corrupt Is The Arizona Elections Apparatus? You Might Be Very Surprised

Gateway Pundit / Jordan Conradson

How corrupt is the Arizona elections apparatus? You might be very surprised.

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David Tran

David Trans’ Success Story Is Why The American Dream Is Still Alive

Daily Mail / Keith Griffith

David Trans’ success story is why the American Dream is still alive.

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James O'Keefe

Project Veritas’ Staff Writes And Films A Plea For James O’Keefe To Be Returned To The Head Spot

Gateway Pundit / Cassandra MacDonald

Project Veritas’ staff writes and films a plea for James O’Keefe to be returned to the head spot.

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Josh Hawley

Josh Hawley’s Plan For The Republicans

Red State / Brandon Morse

Josh Hawley’s plan for the Republicans.

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Victor Davis Hanson

What Does History Tell Us About The War In Ukraine, And What Comes Next?

American Greatness / Victor Davis Hanson

What does history tell us about the war in Ukraine, and what comes next?

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The WH Finally Picks A Palestine Train Disaster Scapegoat: TRUMP!

Red State / Bonchie

The WH finally picks a Palestine train disaster scapegoat: TRUMP!

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Hunter and Joe Biden

Strategies For The Rehabbing Of The Wayward First Son Are Monumental Challenges, With So Much At Stake

New York Post / Jonathan Turley

Strategies for the rehabbing of the wayward first son are monumental challenges, with so much at stake.

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Chuck Schumer

Schumer Fears His World Will Collapse If What Democrats Have Been Hiding Is Revealed To America

Red State / Nick Arama

Schumer fears his world will collapse if what the Democrats have been hiding is revealed to America.

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Biz Pac Review

Giddy, Giggly, Unserious Ga. Jury Foreperson Illustrates Putting The Completely Unprepared Into A Position They Are Not Able To Execute

Biz Pac Review / Tom Tillison

Giddy, giggly unserious Ga. Foreperson illustrates putting the completely unprepared into a position they are not able to execute.

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Washington Examiner

Debt Ceiling Negotiations Are Shaping Up To Be Contentious

Washington Examiner / Brady Knox

Debt ceiling negotiations are shaping up to be contentious.

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Mark Middleton

Another Clinton Aide’s Death Ruled Suicide Raising Questions

Daily Mail / Daniel Bates

Another Clinton aide’s death ruled suicide raising questions.

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Zero Hedge

Dishonest Rachel Maddow Completely Mischaracterizes Ukraine Anti-War Rally

Zero Hedge / Staff

Dishonest Rachel Maddow completely mischaracterizes Ukraine anti-war rally.

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Grand Jury Foreperson

Grand Jury Foreperson Can’t Wait To Start Her 15 Minutes Of ‘Fame”

Red State / Bonchie

Grand Jury foreperson can’t wait to start her 15 minutes of “fame.”

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Fetterman’s Health vs Politics? The Voters Who Voted For Him Lose Either Way.

Townhall / Byron York

Fetterman’s health vs politics? The voters who voted for him lose either way.

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Gatestone Institute

Is The Supreme Court Inept, Or Are They Covering For The Leaker?

Gatestone Institute / Alan M. Dershowitz

Is the Supreme Court inept, or are they covering for the leaker?

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Merrick Garland

“Classified” Means A Lot Less Than You Think When It Comes To Government Documents

PJ Media / John Stossel

“Classified” means a lot less than you think when it comes to government documents.

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Washington Examiner

Oh Yes He Was. Court Records Reflect Bill Clinton Having Been On Epstein’s “Pedophile Island”

Washington Examiner / Jerry Dunleavy

Oh yes he was. Court records reflect Bill Clinton having been on Epstein’s “pedophile island.”

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Pfizer Vaccine

Did Pfizer Fake Clinical Trials To Cover Up Deaths? German Newspaper Says So

Conservative Review / Daniel Horowitz

Did Pfizer fake clinical trials to cover up deaths? German newspaper says so.

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Gavin Newsome

Gavin Newsome’s Budget Underestimates Deficit By $7 Billion

Breitbart / Joel B. Pollak

Gavin Newsome’s budget underestimates deficit by $7 billion.

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American Greatness

The Exposure Of Our Government’s Lies About Jan. 6th Has Begun

American Greatness / Julie Kelly

Te exposure of our government’s lies about Jan. 6th has begun.

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Hunter and Joe Biden

Put The 51 Letter Signing Spies Under Oath, Ask Them This

Washington Examiner / Elizabeth Stauffer

Put the 51 letter signing spies under oath, ask them this.

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Washington Examiner

University of Delaware’s Attempts To Hide Biden’s Papers

Washington Examiner / Jerry Dunleavy

University of Delaware’s attempts to hide Biden’s papers.

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Immigration Studies

The Border Crisis Cannot Be Fantasized Away

Center For Immigration / Staff

The border crisis cannot be fantasized away.

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Stephen Moore

Is It Time For School Choice Everywhere?

Biz Pac review / Stephen Moore

Is it time for school choice everywhere?

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College Graduates

Our Liberal Education System Is Turning Out Students Not Prepared To Function In The Actual Real World (Not The MTV Show)

Red State / Bob Hoge

Our Liberal education system is turning out students not prepared to function in the actual real world (Not the MTV show)

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Yale Med School Professor Fantasizes “Unloading A Revolver Into The Head Of Any White Person That Got In My Way”

Red State / Alex Parker

Yale Med School professor fantasizes “Unloading a revolver into the head of any White person who got in my way.”

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Elon Musk

Musk To D.O.D.: ‘Your Strategic Imperative Is Defending The United States’

Breitbart / Kristina Wong

Musk to D.O.D.: ‘Your strategic imperative is defending the United States.’

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Biden’s Strange Confusion Over Race Relations, Real, And Imagined

American Greatness / Victor Davis Hanson

Biden’s strange confusion over race relations, real, and imagined.

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Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle Is ‘Upset Oooh Nooo!

Daily Mail / Carr/Pyman

Meghan Markle is ‘upset’ Oooh Nooo!

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Don Lemon

Don Lemon Is Not Winning The Female Audience, Nor Does He Seem To Be Trying

New York Post / Miranda Devine

Don Lemon is not winning the female audience, nor does he seem to be trying.

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James O'Keefe

James O’Keefe Apparently Out At Project Veritas

National Review / Ryan Mills

James O’Keefe apparently out at Project Veritas.

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Diane Feinstein

Out Of Touch Members Seem To Be Just Fine With Democrats

New York Post / Glenn H. Reynolds

Out of touch members seem to be just fine with Democrats.

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Three Things That Will Not Be Long Hidden, The Sun, The Moon, And The Democrats’ Lies

Red State / Nick Arama

Three things that will not be long hidden, the Sun, the Noon, and the Democrats’ lies.

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Tucker Carlson

America Will Finally Know What Democrats Have Been Hiding About Jan. 6th

PJ Media / Kevin Downey, Jr.

America will finally know what Democrats have been hiding about Jan. 6th.

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