MacKenzie Scott

Bezos’ Ex Has Given $640 Million To Support Illegal Migrant And Trans Althlete Causes

New York Post / Rich Calder

Bezos’ ex has given $640 million to support illegal migrant and trans althlete causes, among other extreme left-wing groups

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Gavin Newsome

Democrats Are Mad That They’ve Lied So Much, You Now Know They’re Lying. And They Aren’t Happy With You

American Spectator / Scott McKay

Democrats have lied so much, you now know they’re lying. And they aren’t happy with you.

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Trump Mugshot

Trump Mugshot Is The Shot Heard ‘Round The Country

Trump mugshot is the shot heard ’round the country.

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Vivek Ramaswamy

Ramaswamy Scares The Wall Street Journal Where Politics-As-Usual And Elites Reign Forever

WSJ / Editorial Board

Ramaswamy scares The Wall Street Journal where politics-as-usual and elites reign forever.

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You And The Country Don’t Come First, Joe Biden And His Family Come First

New York Post / Editorial Board

You and the country don’t come first, Joe Biden and his family come first.

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Vivek Ramaswamy & Tucker Carlson

Ramaswamy Tells Tucker We Are The Verge Of A “1776 Moment”

The Post Millennial / Katie Daviscourt

Ramaswamy tells Tucker we are on the verge of a “1776 moment.”

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Vanita Gupta

Biden’s 3rd DOJ Pick Demanded Project Veritas Be Censored On Twitter Over Georgia Voter Rolls Reporting

Gateway Pundit / Cristina Laila

Biden’s 3rd DOJ pick demanded Project Veritas be censored on Twitter over Georgia Voter Rolls reporting.

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The Current Iteration Of Project Veritas, Sans James O’Keefe, Seems To Be Falling Apart

Post Millenial / Emmons/Posobiec

The current iteration of Project Veritas, sans James O’Keefe, seems to be falling apart.

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Voter Registration Fraud

Democrats Appear To Have Used Charities Illegally To Register Voters In Chosen Demographics By The Millions Prior To The 2020 Election, And Currently As Well

Capital Research / Parker Thayer

Democrats appear to have used charities illegally to register voters in chosen demographics by the millions prior to the 2020 election, and currently as well.

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BLM And Jan. 6th Protesters Treated Differently Says DC Court

Gateway Pundit / Mike LaChance

BLM and Jan. 6th protestors treated differently says DC court.

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Daily Mail

When The Tables Are Turned, Democrats Sing A Completely Different Song. Natch

Daily Mail / Alan Dershowitz

When the tables are turned, Democrats sing a completely different song. Natch.

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Harvard University

Sitting On A $53 BILIION Endowment, Harvard Suggests Students Look Into Food Stamps To Save Cash

American Greatness / Eric Lundrum

Sitiing on a $53 BILLION endowment, Harvard suggests students look into food stamps to save cash.

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Stacey Abrams

Democrat Election Losing Whiner Stacey Abrams Was Not Charged With Felonies. Hey Georgia, What’s Up With That?

The Federalist / Jordan Boyd

Democrat election losing whiner Stacey Abrams was not charged with felonies. Hey Georgia, what’s up with that? Nevermind, we all know what is up with that.

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American Greatness

DeSantis Suspends Another “Soft-On-Crime”, Soros Backed Prosecutor In Orlando After 2 Cops Shot By Career Criminal Let Out Of Jail

American Greatness / Debra Heine

DeSantis suspends another “soft-on-crime, Soros backed prosecutor after 2 cops shot by career criminal let out of jail.

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Jonathan Turley

But, But We Were Just Scamming The Bribers! We Weren’t Going To Actually Give Them The Quo, After We Got The Quid! Really! C’mon Man!

Jonathan Turley / Jonathan Turley

But, but we were just scamming the bribers! We weren’t going to actually give them the quo after we got the quid! Really! C’mom Man!

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Hunter Biden

Add $10 Million To What We Know Hunter Got In Access Bribes

Washington Examiner / Sarah Bedford

Add $10 million to what we know Hunter got in access bribes.

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Chris Wray

FBI FISA Abuses Far More Than Previously Imagined

RCI / Paul Sperry

FBI FISA abuses far more than previously imagined.

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WH Press Sec.

White House Cancels Press Briefing Passes Of Reporters Who Don’t Fall Into Line

Daily Signal / Rob Bluey

White House cancels press briefing passes of reporters who don’t fall into line.

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The Federalist

Once Again, NPR Resorts To Blatant Bias To Promote The False Anti-Conservative Narrative Of The Democrats

The Federalist / Tristan Justice

Once again, NPR resorts to blatant bias to promote the false anti-Conservative narrative of the Democrats.

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American Farmers

Why Would The Chinese Do Their Own Seeds Research When They Can Just Steal Ours?

Daily Caller / Nick Pope

Why would the Chinese do their own seeds research when they can just steal ours?

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Gov. Lujan Grisham

Messing With The U.S. Constitution Doesn’t Go Well For Az Governor Grisham

Western Journal / Joe Saunders

Messing with the U.S. Constitution doesn’t go well for AZ Governor Grisham.

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Fox 4

Armed Guards Mandated In All Texas Schools By September 1st

FoxLocal4 / Sydney Ferguson

Armed guards mandated in all Texas schools by September 1st.

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Vote Integrity Group Says It Has Georgia Voter Roll Proof

UndercoverDC / Staff

Vote integrity group says it has Georgia voter roll proof.

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Jan. 6th

Citibank Gave Sensitive Customer Information To The DOJ After Jan. 6th

Townhall / Sarah Arnold

Citibank gave sensitive customer information to the DOJ after Jan. 6th

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Clarice's Pieces

Green Policies, Inept Government, And The Maui Fire

American Thinker / Clarice Feldman

Green policies, inept Government, and the Maui fire.

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Biden, Obama

Top Obama Officials Hid Their Emails By Using Fake Names

Breitbart / Wendell Husebo

Top Obama officials hid their emails by using fake names.

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The People Who Control Joe Biden Are Now Stripping Gun Licenses From Gun Dealers In A Backdoor Way To Keep Guns From Citizens

Daily Mail / Harriet Alexander

The people who control Joe Biden are now stripping dealer licenses from gun dealers in a backdoor way to keep guns from citizens.

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Victor Davis Hanson

China Walks All Over The USA, And In Response, Biden Growls “C’mon Man! They’re Good People!” AT US!

Townhall / Victor Davis Hanson

China walks all over the USA, and in response, Biden growls “C’mon man! They’re good people!” AT US!

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Twitter Censorship

Twitter Hires Rabid Censorship Proponent To Head Up Regulating Their Censorship Program. Okayyyy. Nothing Could Go Wrong There, Right?

Revolver News / Staff

Twitter hires rabid censorship proponent to head up regulating their censorship program. Okayyyy. Nothing could go wrong there, right?

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Jim Jordan

House And Senate GOP Furious The FTC Has Destroyed Materials Sought In Investigative Probes

Fox News / Brianna Herlihy

House and Senate GOP furious the FTC has destroyed materials saught in investigative probes.

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Hunter & Joe Biden

Biden’s Use Of Fake Email Names Hid Dealings With Hunter And His Shady Shakedowns Of Foreign Bribers

Washington Examiner / Sarah Bedford

Biden’s use of fake email names hid dealings with Hunter and his shady shakedowns of foreign bribers.

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American Thinker

Fani Willis Is Not Ready For Prime Time.

American Thinker / Joe Fried

Fani Willis is not ready for prime time.

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O’Keefe Media Group Teases Explosive Georgia Voter Fraud Revelation

Gateway Pundit / Cristina Laila

O’Keefe Media Group teases explosive Georgia voter fraud revelation.

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Fani Willis

The Left Flexes To Warn Of Its Power, And To Remind Us To Kneel Before It

The Federalist / John Daniel Davidson

The Left flexes to warn of its power, and to remind us to kneel before it.

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American Thinker

The Government, Religion Relationship Our Founders Envisioned

American Thinker / Joe Strader

The government, religion relationship our founders envisioned.

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Tucker On Twitter

The Capitol Police Chief Tells What Happened On Jan. 6th

Rantingly / Staff

The Capitol Police Chief tells what happened on Jan. 6th.

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Diane Feinstein

90 Year Old Senator Feinstein Not Competent Enough To Manage Her Own Affairs, But Yours? No Problem!

New York Post / Patrick Reilly

90 year old Senator Feinstein not competent enough to manage her own affairs, but yours? No problem!

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Jonathan Turley

Justice Jackson Makes Up Facts, An Gets Called On It

Jonathan Turley / Jonathan Turley

Justice Jackson makes up facts, and gets called on it.

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Karine Jean-Pierre

Biden Laughs Cocaine Left In White House Off, KJP Suggests It Was Left By A Guest, No Proof Offered

Daily Mail / Emily Goodin

Biden laughs cocaine left in in White House off, KJP suggests it was left by a guest, no proof offered.

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Charlie Kirk

MSNBC Racist Joy Reid Launches Tirade On Why She “Despises” Trump

MSNBC racist Joy Reid launches tirade on why she “despises” Trump.

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Sound of Freedom

Sound Of Freedom Has Hollywood Back On Its Heels

Newsweek / Jamie Burton

Sound Of Freedom has Hollywood back on its heels.

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Red State

Hunter Threatened The DOJ He Would Call Daddy As A Defense Witness

Red State / Bonchie

Hunter threatened the DOJ he would call daddy as a defense witness.

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New York Times

Mark Zuckerberg And Meta Begin Deciding What News Canadians May See, Hear, And Read

New York Times / Staff

Mark Zuckerberg and Meta begin deciding what news Canadians may see, hear, and read.

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Natalie Winters On Warroom

Is DeSantis Helping China To Purchase More Land Near Military Bases In Florida?

Rumble / Natalie Winters

Is DeSantis helping China to purchase more land near military ases in Florida?

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American Greatness

YouTube Gearing Up For More Robust Censorship Of Medical Information

American Greatness / Eric Lundrum

YouTube gearing up for more robust censorship of medical information.

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Bidens Bought By China

China Paid Millions To Biden & Associates, And DOE Refuses To Disclose Documentation

AND Magazine / Sam Faddis

China paid millions to Biden & associates, and DOE refuses to disclose documentation.

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Washington Examiner

DOJ & FBI Subpoenaed By Congress For Censorship Activities With Big Tech

Washington Examiner / Ashley Oliver

DOJ & FBI subpoenaed by Congress for censorship activities with big tech.

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Sen. Sinema

Sen. Sinema Blasts Biden For Giving NY Four Times The Immigration Aid As Arizona.

New York Post / Josh Christenson

Sen. Sinema blasts Biden ffor giving NY four time the immigration aid as Arizona.

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An Epstein Connection To The Obama White House

CNBC / Staff

An Epstein connection to the Obama White House.

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Biden, Adams

Eric Adams, He’s Mad Now! Too Many Illegal Immigrants! We Need A Strong Southern Border! Biden Needs To Act Now! Shhh…After The Election Says Biden. You’ll Get a Big Fat Check!

Slay News / Frank Bergmon

Eric Adams, he mad now! Too many illegal immigrants! We need a strong Southern Border! Biden needs to act now! Shhh…after the election says Biden, You’ll get a big fat check!

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Dershowitz Believes SCOTUS Will Not Uphold A Trump Conviction In This Case

Breitbart / Pam Key

Dershowitz believes SCOTUS will not uphold a Trump conviction in this case.

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Illegals In Biden Cages

Illegals Kept In Outdoor Cages By Biden In 113 Degree Heat

Daily Mail / Rob Crilly

Illegals kept in outdoor cages by Biden in 113 degree heat.

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Washington Examiner

Trump Case DOJ Prosecutor Is A Big Biden Donor

Washington Examiner / Gabe Kaminsky

Trump case DOJ prosecutor is a big Biden donor.

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RFK, Jr Sues Google & YouTube Over Censorship

Daily Caller / Jason Cohen

RFK, Jr sues Google & YouTube over censorship.

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Biden Is Simply Not Up To The Task Of Being President, And Everyone Knows It

Politico / Jack Shafer

Biden is simply not up to the task of being President, and everyone knows it.

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Gun Owner

Gun Owners, Especially New Owners, Seem To Prefer The Govt’s Nose Out Of Their Ownership Business

Reason / J.D. Tuccille

Gun owners, especially new owners, seen to prefer the govt’s nose out of their ownership business.

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Dan Bongino

Dan Bongino: “There’s Absolutely ZERO Chance Anyone Other Than A Family Member Brought That Cocaine Inside The White House Complex”

Daily Wire / Greg Wilson

Dan Bongino  “There’s absolutely ZERO chance anyone other than a family member brought that cocaine inside the White House complex”

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PJ Media

Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage “Debanked” By All British Banks For Not Having The Politics They Think He Should Have

PJMedia / Athena Thorne

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage “debanked” by all British banks for not having the politics they think he should have.

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Who Would Trump Pick For Running Mate?

Breitbart / Matthew Boyle

Who would Trump pick for running mate?

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Biden Is Using White House Lawyers As His Personal Defense Team Against Evidence Of Trading Quid Pro Quo For Up To $30 Million In Bribes

Breitbart / Wendell Husebo

Biden is using White House lawyers as his personal defense team against evidence of trading quid pro quo for up to $30 million in bribes.

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IRS Agent Tried To Conceal His Identity By Using A Fake Name When Agressively Confronting Citizen

Breitbart / Ashley Oliver

IRS agent tried to conceal his identity by using a fake name when agressively confronting citizen.

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Zuckerberg Bans RFK JR From Creating A Campaign Account On Instagram, Which Is Owned By Facebook.

The Post Millennial / Jennifer Ackerman

Zuckerberg bans RFK JR from creating a campaign account on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook.

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Oakland City Council

Oakland City Council Gets An Earfull From Residents Furious Over Crime And Liberal Policies

Slay News / David Hawkins

Oakland City Council gets an earfull from residents furious over crime and liberal policies.

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“The Claim That Sex Change Surgeries Are Somehow Saving Lives Is A Fantasy. That Genital Mutilation Destroys Lives Is An Undeniable Fact.”

Powerline / John Hinderaker

“The Claim that sex change surgeries are somehow saving lives is a fantasy. That genital mutilation destroys lives is an undeniable fact.”

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Gatestone Intstitute

Biden And The Democrats’ Support Of Iran And The Terrorists They Support Never Ceases

Gatestone Institute / Majid Rafizadeh

Biden and the Democrats’ support of Iran and the terrorists they support never ceases.

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Chinese Spy Balloon

Biden Delayed Responding To Spy Balloon To Avoid Angering China

Breitbart / John Hayward

Biden delayed responding to spy balloon to avoid angering China.

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DOJ Doesn’t Even Deny It Has Records Alleging Biden’s Criminality

Breitbart / Wendell Husebo

DOJ doesn’t even deny it has records alleging Biden’s criminality.

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CNN Panel

Rep. Byron Donalds Leaves CNN Panel Red-Faced And Sputtering

Conservative Treehouse / Sundance

Rep. Byron Donalds leaves CNN panel red-faced and sputtering.

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Hunter Biden

Everyone In DC Knew The Biden’s Were Crooked, But Crooks Don’t Rat On Crooks

Fox News / Chasmar/Cawthorne

Everyone in DC knew the Biden’s were crooked, but crooks don’t rat on crooks.

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Will Devon Archer Sing, Or Get Fitted For His New Jumpsuit?

Red State / Bonchie

Will Devon Archer sing, or get fitted for his new jumpsuit?

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The White House Is Picking Who May Ask Biden Questions

New York Post / Editorial Board

The White House is picking who may ask Biden questions.

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Tik Tok

Is The Restrict Act A Massive Transfer Of Power To The Executive Branch? Sen. Rand Paul Thinks So

Townhall / Sen. Rand Paul

Is the Restrict Act a massive transfer of power to the Executive Branch? Sen. Rand Paul thinks so.

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