Looks Like Cuomo Has A New Plan To Wriggle His Snout Back Into The Taxpayer Trough

Townhall / Sarah Arnold

Looks like Cuomo has a new plan to wriggle his snout back into the taxpayer trough.

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American Thinker

Letitia James Should Have Learned Before She Leapt

American Thinker / Jack Hellner

Letitia James should have learned before she leapt.

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American Greatness

Martha’s Vineyard Residents Dive Deeper Into Their Stewing Hypocrisy

American Greatness / Paul du Quenoy

Martha’s Vineyard residents dive deeper into their stewing hypocrisy.

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Illegal Aliens

Democrats Try Everything Under The Southern Sun To Obscure Biden’s Role In The Illegal Immigration Disaster

New York Post / Editorial Board

Democrats try everything under the Southern Sun to obscure Biden’s role in the illegal immigration disaster.

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Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy Lays Out The New Republican Vision For Change

New York Post / Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy lays out the new Republican vision for change.

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Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams Has Lost It. Says Unborn Babies’ Heartbeats “Not Real.” Sounds Created By Men To Fool Women

Daily Wire / Amanda Prestigiacomo

Stacey Abrams has lost it. Says unborn babies’ heartbeats “not real.” Sounds created by men to fool women.

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Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Flat Out Lies About Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers “Torturing” Women

Life news / Micaiah Bilger

Elizabeth Warren flat out lies about pro-life pregnancy centers “torturing” women.

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Rep. Mondaire Jones

Dem. Rep. Mondaire Jones Lies About Jan. 6th, Then Turns Into A Blubbering Mess When Corrected

Red State / Bonchie

Dem. Rep. Mondaire Jones lies about Jan. 6th, then turns into a blubbering mess when corrected.

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And Not A Peep From The Left About Leftwing Extremism, Or Automobile Control

Townhall / Mia Cathell

And not a peep from the Left about Leftwing Extremism, or automobile control.

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Illegal Alien Kills Innocent Female Colorado Deputy

Zero Hedge / Kevin Downey, Jr.

Illegal Alien Kills Innocent Female Colorado Deputy.

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Prayer Hands

Disgusting CNN, MSNBC Guest Misrepresents Prayer Hands As “Nazi Salute”

Zero Hedge / Tyler Durden

Disgusting CNN, MSNBC guest misrepresents prayer hands as “Nazi Salute.”

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Illegals Signed Consent Forms To Go To Martha’s Vineyard, Attorneys Sue Anyway

Gateway Pundit / Cassandra Fairbanks

Illegals signed consent forms to go to Martha’s Vineyard, attorneys sue anyway.

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Chris Wray

Whistleblower: FBI Blew Jan 6th All Out Of Proportion To Create A “Domestic Violent Extremism” Epidemic

Breitbart / Ashley Oliver

Whistleblower: FBI blew Jan 6th all out of proportion to create a “domestic violent extremism” epidemic.

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Biden, Pelley

Biden’s Interview Statements In Effect Render His Student Loan Plan Illegal

The Federalist / Elle Purnell

Biden’s interview statements in effect render his student loan plan illegal.

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Oh, Biden Is Not Giving $3.5 Billion To Terrorists, He Is Giving $3.5 Billion To People The Terrorists Control. Feel Better?

AND Magazine / Sam Faddis

Oh, Biden is not giving $3.5 billion to terrorists, he is giving $3.5 billion to people the terrorists control. Feel better?

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Racist eating

Have You Eaten Today? You Might Be A Racist, Say Liberals

PJ Media / Robert Spencer

Have you eaten today? You might be a racist, say Liberals.

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Inflation Increases

Biden And The Democrats’ Destruction Of Our Economy Is About To Get Worse

The Last Refuge / Sundance

Biden and the Democrats’ destruction of our economy is about to get worse.

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The Last Refuge

DOJ Does Not Want America To See The Documents They Took In Raid

The Last Refuge / Sundance

DOJ does not want America to see the documents they took in raid.

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He Just Cannot Suppress His Inner Perv

The Last Refuge / Sundance

He just cannot suppress the inner perv.

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Is PayPal/Venmo Banning All Opposing Speech?

Spiked / Staff

Is PayPal/Venmo banning all opposing speech?

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When Will Obama’s Old Furniture Warehouse Be Searched For The Admitted “Classified” Documents He Is Holding Onto?

PJ Media / Matt Margolis

When will Obama’s old furniture warehouse be searched for the admitted “classified” documents he is holding onto?

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The Last Refuge

Well, Well. So, Will Obama Be Going To Jail Along With Trump? Anyone? Democrats? Bueller? Hypocrisy Much?

The Last Refuge / Sundance

Well, well. So, will Obama be going to jail along with Trump? Anyone? Democrats? Bueller? Hypocrisy Much?

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Michael Hayden Thinks It Is OK To Misinform If It Helps The People You Support

The Federalist / Tristan Justice

Michael Hayden thinks it is ok to misinform if it helps the people you support.

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American Greatness

Whistleblower: Biden Was Heavily Involved In Selling American Natural Gas To China

American Greatness / Debra Heine

Whistleblower: Biden was heavily involved in selling American natural gas to China.

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Trans Clinic

Hospitals See Big Money In Trans Surgeries, But Do Not Want You To Know

Red State / Bonchie

Hospitals see big money in trans surgeries, but do not want you to know.

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Just The News

Did The FBI Remove Agents’ Concerns From Report To Congress? Grassley Wants To Know

Just The News / John Solomon

Did the FBI remove agents’ concerns from report to Congress? Grassley wants to know.

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Court Is Forcing U. of Del. To Show Why They Aren’t Releasing Biden’s Records

Judicial Watch / Staff

Court is forcing U. of Delaware to show why they aren’t releasing Biden’s Records.

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Virginia’s Youngkin Installs Parents’ Rights Manifesto In Place Of Transgender Agenda

Daily Wire / Luke Rosiak

Virginis’s Youngkin installs parents’ rights manifesto in place of transgender agenda.

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Zero Hedge

Worldwide Recession Is Just Over The Horizon Says FedEx CEO

Zero Hedge / Tyler Durden

Worldwide recession is just over the horizon says FedEx CEO.

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Youngkin Reversing Transgender Agenda Sends Liberals Into Orbit

Red State / Bonchie

Youngkin reversing transgender agenda sends liberals into orbit.

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Martha's Vineyard

Not On Our Island You Don’t. Immigrants Moved To Cape Cod

USASupreme / Staff

Not on our island you don’t. Immigrants moved to Cape Cod.

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Martha's Vineyard

Whoah! Wait! Martha’s Vineyard Didn’t Mean To Actually Show Up There When They Said They Were A Sanctuary!

The Federalist / Tristan Justice

Whoah! Wait! Martha’s Vineyard didn’t mean to actually show up there when they said they were a sanctuary!

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Patagonia Family

Climate Delusions Compel Strange Behavior

MarketWatch / Rachel Koning Beals

Climate delusions compel strange behavior.

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Eric Adams

Mayors Of “Sanctuary Cities” Not One Bit Happy With Sanctuary Seekers Actually Showing Up

Slay News / David Hawkins

Mayors of “Sanctuary Cities” not one bit happy with sanctuary seekers actually showing up.

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Hank Johnson

Dem Congressman Thought Too Many People On One Side Would Cause Guam To “Tip Over”

Breitbart / Jordan Dixon-Hamilton

Dem congressman thought too many people on one side would cause to “tip over.”

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Facebook Spies

Facebook Spied On You If You Had Questions About The 2020 Election, And Actually Mentioned Them

New York Post / Miranda Devine

Facebook spied on you if you had questions about the 2020 election, and actually mentioned them.

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Illegal Immigrants

Now Kamala Can Experience The Border Without Ever Having To Go There!

Fox News / Nerrozi/Olson

Now Kamal can experience the border without ever having to go there!

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Twitter Whistleblower

Whistleblower Claims Chinese Agent Has Infiltrated Twitter

NewsMax / Staff

Whistleblower claims Chinese agent has infiltrated Twitter. Twitter executive: “Well, since we already have one, what does it matter if we have more?”

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Biden Lost

Biden Gets Lost On Stage Again. Someone Should Hold Up An Ice Cream Cone Off To The Side For Him To Follow

American Thinker / Rajan Laad

Biden gets lost on stage again. Someone should hold up an ice cream cone off to the side for him to follow.

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Paypal & Venmo Running Interference For Groomers

The Blaze / Chris Pandolfo

Paypal & Venmo running interference for groomers.

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Jaimee Mitchell

Paypal & Venmo Cut Off Anti Groomer Group

Red State / Nick Arama

Paypal & Venmo cut off anti groomer group.

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Magnus Carlsen

Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen Resigns From Match Insinuating Cheating By Opponent

Forbes / Carlie Porterfield

Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen resigns from match insinuating cheating by opponent.

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David Hawkins

Chicago Democrat Charged With Federal Bribery

Slay / David Hawkins

Chicago Democrat charged with Federal bribery.

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Visa Gun Sales

24 Attorneys general Warn Visa On Tracking Gun Sale Data

Breitbart / AWR Hawkins

24 Attorneys general warn Visa on tracking gun sale data.

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Whistleblower: FBI Ignoring Child Sex Abuse Cases To Chase Phantom Political Ones

Townhall / Katie Pavlich

Whistleblower: FBI ignoring child sex abuse cases to chase phantom political ones.

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Bill Maher

Bill Maher Slaps Obnoxious Liberals Over Remaking History To Suit Their Purposes Today

Red State / Nick Arama

Bill Maher slaps obnoxious liberals over remaking history to suit their purposes today.

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New Orleans Crime

New Orleans Is The New “Murder Capital”

Daily Wire / Greg Wilson

New Orleans is the new “murder capital.”

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Andrea Widburg

5th Circuit Court Gives A Big Boost To Free Speech Over Big Tech Censorship

American Thinker / Andrea Widburg

5th Circuit court gives a big boost to free speech over Big Tech censorship.

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White House Pushes Government Controlled Currency Over Crypto

Daily Caller / John Hugh Demastri

White House pushes government controlled currency over crypto.

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Is John Durham Accomplishing Anything To Rein In Government Abusers?

The Federalist / Margot Cleveland

Is John Durham accomplishing anything to rein in government abusers?

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Rail Strikers

Sitting Down At The Table, And Saying “Deal!” To The Rail Striker’s First Offer Is A Rookie Negotiating Move. Expect More Strikes

Daily Mail / Ronny Reyes

Sitting down at the table, and saying “deal!” to the rail striker’s first offer is a rookie negotiating move. Expect a lot more strikes.

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Mazie Hirono

Sen. Mazie Hirono Issues A “Literal Call To Arms” Against The Right-To-Life Movement

Political Insider / Rusty Weiss

Sen. Mazie Hirono issues a “literal call to arms” against the Right-To-Life movement.

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Lila Rose

“If It’s Not A Human Life, Why Do You Have To Kill It?”

LifeNews / Tierin-Rose Mandelburg

“If it’s not a human life, why do you have to kill it?”

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R Kelly

R. Kelly Guilty On 6 Counts Of Child Pornography

WGN / Staff

R. Kelly guilty on 6 counts of child pornography.

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William, Kate, Harry, Meghan

Harry, You And Your Wife Should Stop Being Spoiled, Whiny, Brats

New York Post / Piers Morgan

Harry, you and your wife should stop being spoiled, whiny, brats.

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Hunter's Daughter

Hunter Biden Has Never Met His Own 4 Year Old Daughter, Wants To Cut Her Support

New York Post / Emily Crane

Hunter Biden has never met his own 4 year old daughter, wants to cut her support.

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Issues & Insights

Your Voice Is A Threat To Democrats. They Won’t Have It

Issues & Insights / Editorial Board

Your voice is a threat to Democrats. They won’t have it.

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Jan 6th

Who Has Benefitted From The Events Of Jan. 6th?

American Thinker / Leo Goldstein

Who has benefitted from the events of Jan. 6th?

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New York Homeless

Grifters Have Found That Homelessness Is Profitable, And You Pay For It

Hot Air / David Strom

Grifters have found that homelessness is profitable, and you pay for it.

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Jack Dorsey Ran A Dangerously Sloppy Ship At Twitter

Zero Hedge / Tyler Durden

Jack Dorsey ran a dangerously sloppy ship at Twitter.

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Hunter Biden

FBI Agent Helping Cover Up Hunter Biden’s Messes Retired, Not Fired

Washington Examiner / Jerry Dunleavy

FBI agent helping cover up Hunter Biden’s messes retired, not fired.

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illegal immigrants

Border Patrol Responds To WH Press Secretary’s False Claims

Townhall / Julio Rosas

Border Patrol respond to WH Press Secretary’s false claims.

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Voters Feel 2-To-1 That Biden Is Divisive And Misusing His Office

TIPP Insights / Terry Jones

Voters feel 2-to-1 Biden is divisive and misusing his office.

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Lost Biden

Lost Biden Again Cannot Find His Way Off Of The Stage

Gateway Pundit / Cristina Laila

Lost Biden again cannot find his way off of the stage.

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Covid Vaccine

Harvard & Johns Hopkins Scientists Say Covid-19 Vaccines Are Up To 98% More Harmful Than The Virus

Gateway Pundit / Jim Hoft

Harvard & Johns Hopkins scientists say Covid-19 vaccines are up to 98% more harmful than the virus.

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Chivalry Is Not Dead, In This 6th Grade Classroom

PJ Media / Lincoln Brown

Chivalry is not dead, in this 6th grade classroom.

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Rudy Giuliani

Shadowy Democrat Group Targeting Trump Attorneys

Gateway Pundit / Jim Hoft

Shadowy Democrat group targeting Trump attorneys.

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Stock Market

Dow Falls 500 On Biden’s Inflation Numbers

New York Post / Ariel Zilber

Dow falls 500 on Biden’s inflation numbers.

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Sen. Johnson

Sen. Johnson Blasts The CDC For Not Revealing Vaccine Dangers

Just The News / Ben Whedon

Sen. Johnson Blasts The CDC for not revealing vaccine dangers.

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