Reed Hastings

Musk Called “The Bravest, Most Creative Person On The Planet” By Netflix Co-Chief Reed Hastings

Deadline / Dade Hayes

Musk called “The bravest, most creative person on the planet” by Netflix Co-Chief Reed Hastings.

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Tim Cook

Apple Will Tell You What You May Know, And You Will Pay For The Privilege, And You Will Be Quiet

Hot Air / Beege Welborn

Apple will tell you what you may know, and you will pay for the privilege, and you will be quiet.

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The FBI No Longer Works For America, It Apparently Works Against Freedom, And For The Democrats

Twitchy / Sam Janney

The FBI no longer works for America, it apparently works against freedom, and for the Democrats.

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Oakland, Ca

California Politicians Will Give Every Voter $100.00 Of The Voter’s Tax Money, But Only To Give Back To Politicians

Daily Caller / Trevor Schakohl

California politicians will give every voter $100.00 of the voters’ tax money, but only to give back to politicians.

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Chinese Protests

How Do Democrats Like Chinese Authoritarianism Now?

New York Post / Glenn H. Reynolds

How do Democrats like Chinese authoritarianism now?

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Biden Family Stockings

The Biden Family Again Completely Excludes Hunter’s Daughter From Christmas, As If She Does Not Even Exist

Washington Times / Victor Morton

The Biden family again completely excludes Hunter’s daughter from Christmas, as if she does not even exist. Hunter, by the way, has never been seen by her.

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Judicial Watch

Your Government Spends Millions Keeping Information From You

Judicial Watch / Staff

Your government spends millions keeping information from you.

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Leo Hohmann

You Think You Are Being Watched? Tracked? Surveilled? You Have No Idea. / Leo Hohmann

You think you are being watched? Tracked? Surveilled? You have no idea.

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The Bidens

Communists And Soros Involved In Biden’s Strategy Team For The Upcoming GOP Investigations

War Room / Natalie Winters

Communists and Soros involved in Biden’s strategy team for the upcoming GOP investigations.

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College Student

Many Top Employers Are Rethinking The Need For College Degrees In Their Hiring

WSJ / Austen Hufford

Many top employers are rethinking the need for college degrees in their hiring.

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Crypto Bright Star, And Amber Group Founder, Tiantian Kullander Dead At 30

New York Post / Alexis Carey

Crypto bright star, and Amber Group founder, Tiantian Kullander dead at 30.

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Warnock Team Caught Soliciting Out-Of-State Voters

Red State / Bonchie

Warnock team caught soliciting out-of-state voters.

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Georgia Supreme Court Reinstates Heartbeat Law Overturned By Liberal Judge

Breitbart / Breccan F. Thies

Georgia Supreme Court reinstates heartbeat law overturned by liberal judge.

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Biden’s Unconstitutional Student Loan Gift Challenged By Six States

Townhall / Sara Arnold

Biden’s unconstitutional student loan gifr challenged by six states.

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Elon Musk

Leftist Writes A Prescription To Censor Twitter Users, Same As It Was “Before Musk”

Breitbart / Allum Bokhari

Leftist writes a prescription to censor Twitter users, same as it was “before Musk.”

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Gulfstream Jet

FBI Director Christopher Wray Evasive About Flying High Class On Govt Jets To Vacation With His Family

New York Post / Miranda Devine

FBI Director Christopher Wray evasive about flying high class on govt jets to vacation with his family.

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Is Sen. Raphael Warnock’s Church Evicting A War Veteran Even Though He Has Paid His Rent?

Washington Free Beacon / Andrew Kerr

Is Sen. Raphael Warnock’s church evicting a war veteran even though he has paid his rent?

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Rand Paul, Chris Wray

Weasel FBI Director Chris Wray Refuses To Give Sen. Rand Paul A Responsive Answer On Social Media Privacy

Daily Wire / Hank Berrien

Weasel FBI Director refuses to give Sen. Rand Paul a responsive answer on social media privacy.

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Jen Psaki

Jen Psaki Can’t Avoid Subpoena In Social Media Censorship Collusion Says Judge

Daily Mail / Morgan Phillips

Jen Psaki can’t avoid subpoena in social media censorship collusion says judge.

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Hillary Clinton

Do Democrats Deny Elections More Often Than Republicans?

Townhall / Larry Elder

Do Democrats deny elections more often than Republicans?

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Supreme Court

Attorney Fired For Expressing Her Opinion, In A Meeting For Participants To Express Their Opinions

Hot Air / John Sexton

Attorney fired for expressing her opinion, in a meeting for participants to express their opinions.

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Heritage Foundation

You May Not Disagree With Radical Liberal Doctrine In America

Heritage Foundation / Staff

You may not disagree with radical liberal doctrine in America.

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Elon Musk

Musk Releases Data On Banned Accounts, Announces Policy Changes

Red State / Bonchie

Musk releases data on banned accounts, announces policy changes.

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Sam Brinton

Transgender Member Of The Biden Admin. Charged With Felony

Hot Air / David Strom

Transgender member of the Biden Admin. charged with felony.

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Biden Has No Authority To “Allow” Americans To Own Any Kind Of Gun

The Federalist / David Harsanyi

Biden has no authority to “allow” Americans to own any kind of gun.

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Might Want To Make Note Of These Companies Who Seem To Be Against Free Speech At Twitter

npr / Halisia Hubbard

Might want to make note of these companies who seem to be against free speech at Twitter.

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Jesus Could Have Been Transgender According To Trinity College, Cambridge, UK, Dean Dr. Michael Banner

The Telegraph / Ewan Somerville

Jesus could have been transgender according to Trinity College, Cambridge, UK, dean Dr. Michael Banner.

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Biden Gives The Go-Ahead For Communists To Profit From Oil Production, While Forcing Our Producers To Remain Idle

Daily Caller / Jack McEvoy

Biden gives the go-ahead for communists to profit from oil production, while forcing our producers to remain idle.

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ANTIFA Sees Red And Promises Violence Towards Musk For Twitter’s Return To Free Speech

Red State / Bonchie

ANITFA sees red and promises violence towards Musk for Twitter’s return to free speech.

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Joy Reid

If White People Enjoy Something, You Can Bet Joy Reid Will Find A Reason To Hate It

Fox news / Lindsay Kornick

If White people enjoy something, you can bet Joy Reid will find a reason to hate it.

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Elon Musk

Musk Says Twitter’s Internal Decision Process On Hunter’s Laptop Story Concealment Should Be Made Public

Daily Caller / Nicole Silverio

Musk says internal Twitter decision process on Hunter’s laptop story concealment should be made public.

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Balenciaga Scrambles To Explain Child Sexualization Themed Ad Campaign

The Post Millennial / Mia Ashton

Balenciaga scramble to explain child sexualization themed ad campaign.

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Ketanji Brown Jackson

When You Pretend Not To Know What A Woman Is, People Dismiss You As Insignificant

Daily Wire / Hank Berrien

When you pretend not to know what a woman is, people dismiss you as insignificant.

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With Democrats, It’s Not Always What They Say It Is

Daily Wire / Tim Meads

With Democrats, it’s not always what they say it is.

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Elon Musk

Journo-Activists Freak Out Over Twitter Not Collapsing Due To Employee Firings And Walkouts

Legal Insurrection / Stacey Matthews

Journo-activists freak out over Twitter not collapsing due to employee firings and walkouts.

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Track Runners

Liberals Figure Out Men Can Be Champions If They Become Women

The College Fix / Staff

Liberals figure out men can be champions if they become women.

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Abused Youth

Children Being Pressured By Evil Adults To Irreparably Transition Their Sex Is Rampant

Daily Caller / Laurel Duggan

Children being pressured by evil adults to transition their sex is rampant.

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Not Smart Enough To Score On The LSATs? No Problem! You Get To Go To Law School!

Daily Caller / Reagan Reese

Not smart enough to score on the LSATs? No problem! You get to go to law school!

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Nancy & Paul Pelosi

You Would Think With All Their Experience Lying, They’d Eventually Get Good At It

Red State / Bonchie

You would think with all their experience lying, they’d eventually get good at it.

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Trans “Barrister” Melts Down Over Having To Work A Full Shift At Starbucks

PJ Media / Kevin Downey, Jr.

Trans “barrister” melts down over having to work a full shift at Starbucks.

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DeSantis Points Out The Danger Of Apple Trying To Control What Information You May Have

Daily Caller / Nicole Silverio

DeSantis points out the danger of Apple trying to control what information you may have.

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National Review

DeSantis Derides Apple’s Opposing Freedom Of Speech At Twitter While Cozying Up To The Totalitarian Communists In China

National Review / Caroline Downey

DeSantis derides Apple’s opposing freedom of speech at Twitter While cozying up to the totalitarian communists in China.

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Joy Reid

Racial Hatred, Left Untreated, Can Lead To Mental Illness, The Inability To Self-Censor, And To The Demise Of Any Semblance Of Dignity

DailyWire / Hank Berrien

Racial hatred, left untreated, can lead to mental illness, the inability to self-censor, and to the demise of any semblance of dignity.

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Daily Caller

Michigan Teachers Advised How To Disguise New Gay/Straight Alliance Clubs From Inquiring Parents

Daily Caller / Reagan Reese

Michigan teachers advised how to disguise new Gay/Straight Alliance Clubs from inquiring parents.

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Kari Lake

Kari Lake Sues Maricopa County Over Voting Irregularities

AZCentral / Sasha Hupka

Kari Lake sues Maricopa County over voting irregularities.

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Fox News

Deprogramming Your Children From Their Radical, Leftist, Liberal College Indoctrination Can Be Expensive

Fox News / Danielle Wallace

Deprogramming your children from their radical, leftist, liberal college indoctrination can be expensive.

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Independent Sentinel

Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz Cited For “Alarmist, Asylum-Worthy Babbling” Over Her Anti-Free Speech Meltdown

Independent Sentinel / M. Dowling

The Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz cited for “Alarmist, Asylum-Worthy Babbling” over her anti-free speech meltdown.

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Vote Counting

Maricopa Election Process Showed “Willful Incompetence” Says Poll Observer

The Federalist / Shawn Fleetwood

Maricopa election process showed “willful incompetence” says poll observer.

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Male Swimmer

Transgender Athlete Ban Bill Introduced In Virginia

Townhall / Madeline Leesman

Transgender athlete ban bill introduced in Virginia.

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American Thinker

On Government Documents, If Your Premise Is Wrong, There Is No Case

American Thinker / Andrea Widburg

On government documents, if your premise is wrong, there is no case.

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Mayorkas Refuses To Accept Any Administration Responsibility For The Disaster On The Border

Center For Immigration Studies / Andrew R. Arthur

Mayorkas refuses to accept any administration responsibility for the disaster on the border.

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Jack Smith

Jack Smith Was Involved In The Democrat’s IRS Scheme To Target Conservative Activist Groups

Daily Caller / Arjun Singh

Jack Smith was involved in the Democrat’s scheme to target Conservative activist groups.

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Elon Musk

Transition Pains With Remaining, Angry, Anti-Free Speech, Twitter Employees Festering

Red State / Bonchie

Transition pains with remaining, angry, anti-free speech, Twitter employees festering.

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Tucker Carlson

Carlson: The Voters Are About To Let Politicians Know Who Is In Charge

Conservative Treehouse / Sundance

Carlson: The voters are about to let politicians know who is in charge.

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Homeless Man

Portland Mayor Suddenly Notices They Have A Homelessness Catastrophe

Zero Hedge / Tyler Durden

Portland mayor suddenly notices they have a homelessness catastrophe.

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Bill Clinton

Hypocrisy Is Never Far From Partisan Democrats

TheGreggJarrett / Gregg Jarrett

Hypocrisy is never far from partisan Democrats.

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Pride Parade

Report: Over $16 Million Pennsylvania Tax Dollars Have Been Spent On Child Sex Change Surgeries Since 2015

Daily Caller / Sarah Weaver

Report: Over $16 million Pennsylvania tax dollars have been spent on child sex change surgeries since 2015.

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Trans Activist

Soliciting A Minor Gets Well Known Trans Activist Lailani Muniz Arrested In NYC

New York Post / Emma Colton

Soliciting a minor gets well known trans activist Lailani Muniz arrested in NYC.

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Jake Tapper

CNN’s Jake Tapper To Be Axed from Primetime

The Post Millennial / Jarryd Jaeger

CNN’s Jake Tapper to be axed from primetime.

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YouTube Must Repost Videos It Censored Under Democrat Pressure

Washington Examiner / Gabe Kaminsky

YouTube must repost videos it censored under Democrat pressure.

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Start Them Even Younger! Transgender Advocate Group Says 14 Is Fine For Hormones And Surgeries

AP News / Lindsey Tanner

Start them even younger! Transgender advocate group says 14 is fine for hormones and surgeries.

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The Hill

Will The Democrats Find A Solution In The 25th Amendment?

The Hill / Merrill Matthews

Will Democrats find a solution in the 25th Amendment?

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The Leftist Media Can’t Remember The “Mostly Peaceful” Violence They Were, At Best, Silent About

Daily Caller / Sarah Weaver

The Leftist media can’t remember the “mostly peaceful” violence they were, at best, silent about.

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We Must Come To Our Senses And Outlaw Child Mutilation

Townhall / Kurt Schlichter

We must come to our senses and outlaw child mutilation.

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Joy Reid

Joy Reid Claims Polls Are Being Rigged To Give The Illusion Voters Want Change

Newsbusters / Kevin Tober

Joy Reid claims polls are being rigged to give the illusion voters want change.

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Your Government Colluding With Big Tech Is Worse Than You Know

The Federalist / John Daniel Davidson

Your government colluding with big tech is worse than you know.

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Corporate Media

To Corporate Media, Control Of The Narrative Is More Important Than Earnings, And It’s Slipping Away

The Federalist / Mollie Hemingway

To corporate media, control of the narrative is more important than earnings , and it’s slipping away.

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American Thinker

Americans Are About To Deliver A Smackdown To Politicians, Both The Stupid, And The Corrupt

American Thinker / Charles Ortel

Americans are about to deliver a smackdown to politicians, both the stupid, and the corrupt.

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American Thinker

Since America Is A Representative Republic, We Hope The Mob Rule Democracy Democrats Favor Does End

American Thinker / M.B. Mathews

Since America is a representative republic, we hope the mob rule democracy Democrats favor does end.

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Drag Mom

Oregon Woman Exposes Drag Mom And Possible Child Porn Connection, Gets Attacked By Antifa

PJ Media / Megan Fox

Oregon woman exposes drag mom and possible child porn connection, gets attacked by Antifa.

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Nancy Pelosi

Democrats Pull Out Their Old, Worn Out, Tired, Dog-Eared, Desperation Playbook Of fear

American Spectator / David Catron

Democrats pull out their old, worn out, tired, dog-eared, desperation playbook of fear.

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US Troops

Bumbling Joe Is Amassing US Troops On Ukraine’s Border. Will He Accidently Start WWIII?

AND Mag / Sam Faddis

Bumbling Joe is amassing US troops on Ukraine’s border. Will he accidently start WWIII?

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